Meat Fight, Inc. is dedicated to the mission of helping people living with MS do epic shit. 

To date, we've put over 300 people living with MS onto bikes so that they can participate in Bike MS, which is a 150-mile ride over 2 days. 

If you've got the grit and determination to take on this epic event, but the equipment is the only thing holding you back, apply for consideration for a Meat Bike! We're seeking self-motivated badasses who are ready to tackle a new challenge. 

We believe in you. And we'll be cheering you on at every finish line you're ready to tackle. 

If you're a person living with MS and you want to apply for consideration for a Meat Bike, apply below!

If you're someone who supports people living with MS and you want to join our bike team, email us here.


Lifting a Bike

BIKE #302

I felt very prepared for my first BikeMS event. 

I’m so thrilled that Meat Fight awarded me the opportunity to set goals, work toward those goals & then feel so accomplished because I crushed the goals I had set. None of this would be possible if not for MEAT FIGHT-(the members, the support & training make this organization completely AMAZING.

Bike Gears

BIKE #299

It hasn't just taken me to the end of BikeMS physically. It opened my eyes to what I can do on a bike and changed my thoughts on what I want to do on a bike. Everytime I ride longer than I have before, I learn that I can always go farther next time.

Blue Bike

BIKE #160

This bike has given me a new passion for life. Not only has it allowed me to get back my competitive roots but it has allowed me to find the positive spin on the MS diagnosis I was looking for. I have met so many great people that I would not have met with out the bike and I know that both my life and my family’s life will be better going forward because of the doors that the Meat Bike has opened for me.