To date, we’ve put over 370 people living with multiple sclerosis onto bikes and participating in Bike MS, a 150-mile ride over 2 days.

We’d love to have you ride with us! Fighting MS means we’ve all gotta roll up our sleeves (and maybe put on some Spandex). Apply today.

If you’ve got the grit and determination to take on this epic event, but the equipment is the only thing holding you back, apply to be hooked up with a Meat Bike. It’s like a real bike, only difference is it’s ridden by a Meat Fighter. Maybe that’s you. We’re seeking out self-motivated badasses who are ready to train, and pumped up to tackle a new challenge.

If you’re an athlete living with MS, apply below. We can’t wait to receive your submission! We love cheering at finish lines!

Let’s do epic sh!t together. Let’s fight this thing.

Get a Meat Bike

Note: While we want to be able to give these to every deserving athlete with MS (and someday we will, dammit), we have a selection and approval process. Please be sure to fill out the application in its entirety for consideration.

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